Prospective Consultants

Client Applications 

Our application deadline for the Fall 2022 cohort is fast approaching on this coming Tuesday, September 20th at 11:59PM EST.


We have a two-round application process where we select projects to present to consultants for staffing in the first round. In the second round, we staff those selected projects that have sufficient consultant demand.

Application Round Notification Dates:

  • First Round: 23rd Sept, 2022

  • Final Round: 30th Sept, 2022


By applying, you are committing to working with SBCP for a semester-long engagement from September through December. Please ensure that you, or someone from your team, are available to meet with your consulting team for the Client Kick-off Meeting on Friday September 30th, 2022.



  • Try to focus on one major high level issue/decision that is crucial to your business and the work that is required to provide recommendations on such issues.


  • In scoping your project, it is helpful to try to estimate how many weeks should be allocated to each workstream, keeping in mind that each team consists of 6 students working 3-4 hours a week on this project for 8 weeks, concurrent with the student’s full time studies and job search. 


  • Please be mindful that the consultants are all full time MBA students who are giving up a few hours a week for a rewarding and educational practical experience, therefore we do not accept the following types of projects: a)Writing business plans / proposals, b) Creating pitch decks / other fundraising materials, c) sales (i.e., “sell my product”) d) Administrative help or technical support (data filing/management, website/graphics creation, implementation of recommendations etc.). 



  1. You, or a representative from your company, will make every effort to attend the kick off session.  
  2. You, or the appropriate member of your team, will 1) Be available at least once a week for a progress call or meeting 2) Provide the team with the relevant data required to complete the project in a timely manner 3) Respond to SBCP queries within 48 hours including: i. Team queries ii. Board queries iii. Filling out feedback surveys regarding SBCP program.
  3. You will set expense guidelines with the SBCP team and cover any expenses incurred for the purpose of completing the project. Expenses may include: market research, travel beyond New York City, specialized supplies, etc.
  4. You will not make fundamental changes to the Proposed Statement of Work. Students select projects based on the information you provide in this document.  It is categorically unfair to them if you change the Statement of Work after matching is complete. By default, fundamental changes will result in cancellation of the project.
  5. If a non-disclosure agreement is required, you will provide one yourself, and that SBCP and the student team reserve the right to make any reasonable changes. I understand that this consulting work is performed on a voluntary basis by the students for the purpose of learning and development, therefore non-compete agreements will not be necessary nor signed by the student team.



How does the application for students work? 
Students are then invited to apply to be a consultant or engagement manager (3-5 consultants and 1 EM per team), indicating their project preference. The SBCP management team then matches student teams with client projects, and all parties attend a mandatory client kick-off. 
I am a student at another school in Columbia, can I still apply?
All members must be able to access to pay dues and be added to our mailing list, therefore we can only accept applications from students of Columbia Business School.
I am an EMBA student, can I still apply?
We do accept applications from EMBA students, however a commitment to attend team/ client meetings during the work week is expected.
Further questions?
The answers to most questions we receive can be found on this page. You can reach us at smallbusinessconsultingprogram[at] Please note that we receive a high volume of enquiries therefore we may not be able to respond to all messages. Thank you for your interest in the program!